You greedy li’l muffin. You want a blog post too? An original, 80 minute movie isn’t good enough for you?

Tell you what: go watch the movie. Go on, do it. And if you already did, watch it again. You do that and then I’ll blog you. I’ll blog you real good. You’ll read the blog I write and think, “Damn. That was an excellent blog. I better watch the movie again so he blogs again like that. I better tell all my friends to watch this movie and pass on how great it is… maybe starting a real word-of-mouth movement about this incredible film. Boy, this film really was funny and captivating. And BRAVE. So brave. Hmm, I seem to be twitching a bit and feeling easily aggravated. I better watch the movie again so he hooks me up with another blog. Yeah, just one more blog so I can concentrate, and then back to work.”

But it’ll never be enough, you dirty blog junkie. You’re gonna chase this dragon for the rest of your life. And when you’re penniless, covered in disgusting filth you can’t even recognize, scratching your forearm down to sinews and bone…you’ll think back to how you got here: You just couldn’t be sated with a fantastic movie all alone. You had to ask for more.

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