Welcome! You’re about to enter a world of venomous danger and hard-grilled action! LeSeurdmin is the result of five years of hard, completely independent work. No studio or financing, just a film packed to the gizzard with catchy animation, knee-slapping yuk-yuks, hardcore violence, and lock-tight quips. Throw in a man who may or may not be a lizard and a man with a little too much time to grill and you get: LeSeurdmin. Are you ready to shed your human shroud? Are you ready to face The Grillmaster and his evil empire?

LeSeurdmin is the winner of multiple festival and online awards including: Best Feature at the Houston Comedy Film Festival, Best Animated Film at the Diamond in the Rough Film Festival, and Best Animated Film for ScreenCritix’s 2017 film awards. Additionally, it has been soundly rejected by prestigious festivals such as Sundance, TIFF, and Tribeca!

Give it watch, write a review, and then tell your friends! Without support from viewers and word of mouth, independent ventures like these won’t get the credit they deserve.


To watch this movie, follow the link(s) below:

LeSeurdmin on Vimeo

LeSeurdmin on Amazon

LeSeurdmin on YouTube

It’s also out there on Vudu and other pirate sites, so you won’t have to look far.

For any questions or to send me a million dollars to buy the rights, please email or PayPal to: nicholasdefina@gmail.com